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Stick on Wing Mirror Glass

High quality replacement wing mirror glass to stick on broken mirror glass.

Clip on Wing Mirror Glass

Wing mirrors with back plate are ready to fit, just clip on wing mirror motor.

Complete Wing Mirror Unit

High Quality Complete Wing Mirror Unit, Designed to Replace a Damaged or Broken Wing Mirror

Things you need to know when buying a Wing Mirror for your Car or Vehicle

There aer a few option available when choosing the right wing mirror for your vehicle. Most common wing mirror types are manual, electric and cable controlled. And some wing mirrors units are of power folding type, which is when the mirror will close in electrically by the driver inside the vehicle. A fair few of the mirrors include blind spot indicator. If an object or vehicle is in your blindspot in your mirror glass will illuminate. This feature is quite popular in the new vehicles. When you think you’re confident about purchasing the correct mirrors for your vehicle. Take your time and read the description to make sure the desired features match the product you’re looking for.

Electric & Heated Wing Mirrors
If you select an electric wing mirror, they’ll most likely be heated. This is a standard feature for most vehicles. The heating feature is operated by a switch, which is most likely located on the steering wheel or on the driver side door.
Manual Cable Controlled Wing Mirrors
These side door mirrors are non-electric, as stated these wing mirrors are operated manually. Apparently they’re fitted on a select fes Van older vehicles
Power Folding Wing Mirrors
Power folding mirror were once reserved for vehicles with higher specifications vehicles but now are common among most of teh newly released vehicles. An easy way to recognise if a car has power folding mirror is if why automatically fold when you lock the car.
Mirror Indicators
It is a new safety feature which can be seen in the new and upcoming cars and vans. Mirror indicators are a good way of showing caution lights to the incoming motorists if incase the indicators aren’t properly visible.
Puddle Lamp
These were placed on the vehicles with the intention of preventing you from getting out your vehicle and steppig straight in to puddle, puddle lamps are often found in the recent models aof cars of the current cars. Puddle Lamps are becoming more common in the newer cars.
Temperature Sensor
The new Wing Mirrors comes with a Temperature Sensor which is placed outwards. This is often found on the under the Wing Mirror Unit. Temperature units are displayed on the dashboard of the car Don't know your Car details, No worries. Check your car details here

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